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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

2.16am and im awake! LOL! okay no, im not excited or nervous for army. Just that GAB IS ALWAYS LATE in packing! hahahah! yea finally finished packing! bag seems rather....big.... oh wells!

hmmm....finally gonna enlist. can remember about 7 months ago i was talking about how long it was before enlistment! in a flash and its nov!! man. the only thing thats keeping me back in going army is.....nt being able to go for mass. :(

and also the fear of the kinds of people i meet in there. quite ironic as most guys would be afraid of the training, etc. lol. but i guess this kinda thing scared also must do. and the funny thing is im already looking forward to my first book out even though i haven actually booked in yet! hahaha!

kay la! time to go sleep. just a short post to let some, if not all, my readers, if i even have any, know that im gonna be 'away' till.....EITHER 18th or 25th. but shud be 25th! :(

so yea...miss me! and pray for me kay people! :)

Gabriel EaN

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

2.31am in the morning and I am reading blog after blog. Then it occurred to me, my blog isn't that updated also hor?
Quite ironic that I open my browser everyday to my blog as the home page but I don't update it. haha.
kk ended up did not go bintan on 26-29 Sep. Going 9-11 Oct instead. This time, confirmed. lol. tickets bought already!
Have been rather bored these few days. restless. just so sian everyday. don't even want to go out sometimes.
think my body clock is adjusting back to the past. which isn't good. Haven't been working for a dam long time. 13 Sep till date. wow? yea time flies.
A bad thing about having all the time in the world and total peace at home since everyone is working, is that I tend to think. A LOT. haiz. makes me emo. shall posts some thoughts here so that it's 'out of my mind'.

People talk about discernment, to pray and discern what is it that God wills us to do. But how exactly do we define 'calling'?
I'm pretty sure it isn't just signs after signs or hints after hints right? If so, then we take and act on these signs and hints, doing what we think God wills us to do.
Then will come the questions after a while, from thoughts, people, activities/events that happens, questions that make us wonder whether what we have decided to do is right or wrong. Afterall, questions can be a sign or hint too right?

How do we define a calling?
How do we define what is right or wrong?
How do we define what is a sign?

How do we determine that this is what we should be doing?
How do we determine that everything happens hand in hand?

How do we have faith on things that are just not explanatory?
How do we have faith on that which seems to be hopeless?
How do we have faith to never give up no matter how bad it gets?

Is embracing things that cannot be explained or seen, the only way to understand them?
What if everything we deem right and have done for so long suddenly becomes wrong at the last moment?

Then again, it all becomes clear once we've been 'enlightened' by the knowledge and understand, that which comes from Him.
So is it better to know more so that we are more clear? Or just let things happen and feel disappointed that it wasn't as we have thought it to be?

Rahh okay these are just so random thoughts. Reading it again, somehow they don't link up or make sense. but whatever. read them by themselves. lol.
hmmm I should sleep soon. Why? I also don't know.

~signing off

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

it has been so long since i blogged! oh. right. its 13th sep. its exactly ONE MONTH! nice!
man alot has happened!! worked for 20days straight! okay la it wasn't very very tiring cos of the people there i guess. made quite a few new friends. nice friends too. learnt about ICE WINE too!! hehe.
yea and this morning when i woke up at 8am without any alarm clock. i kinda realise that my body clock was adjusted. its quite cool cos i was so afraid that i wudnt be able to adjust back by the time i go army. hahaha. well thank God for this job, again. =D

has been quite happening recently! coordinating amp fri with grace and eunice have been really fun. and i learn alot of things too! got closer to some people too. its quite amazing how time flies. its sep already!! army in two months. somehow i want it to faster come. then faster go in, faster get out. hahaha

oh oh oh im gonna go bintan!! from 26-29 sep. MUST go relax already. gonna die soon. hahaha. but then again, thinking whether i shud go. its quite sian-ing to have hope shattered you know. lol. haiz oh wells, what to do....

ok this week also many things happening! !
tmr got dinner with ryan and siqi. finally meeting them after a long time! cant wait
thurs going out whole day with the frens i met from work. hopefully sharon and melissa can make it! then clubbing at night after that! =D
fri-sun got Dive Leadership Retreat by Father William at CSC! then im gonna give a testimony for awaken too! whooo cant wait too.
man my life so happening suddenly. wahahhaa.

ok this has been a really random post!! jumping from topic to topic. but its okay! cos its just a short and QUICK and AWESOME update about MY life. wahahhaa. =D

okok signing off~
live for God. =D

Saturday, 13 August 2011

finally changed the picture!! comment pls! oh man the sky is so nice!!
~credits to Vinson's Camera!!

ANW! it has been what? nearly a month since i din blog. man thats long!
been sick the past few days! :(
fever (on and off), sore throat, cough, flu. the 4-in-1 package. haiz

oh oh im so happy with myself cos i ran AMP FRI with Julian! and it was a success! what a great start in Amplify. lol.
hopefully i can do it alone next time, cos quite a lot of stuff to consolidate. and im quite bad at it. lol woot.

oh met two....wait.....three? ok four new frens! actually got see and say hi before but nv actually sat down and talk talk talk. and they're all Joel's cousins/friend/brother.
Wilbur, Ryan, Amos, Daphine. quite cool. haha. man i was really so tempted to whack Wilbur cos of his Sunburn. but WELL, gab is nice. =DD

oh oh met another fren. though din really talk much. Christopher i think, was his name, and he's quite nice also i guess? ok cant say much cos i dunno him =.=

after Amp Fri ytd, was MAHJONG at my hse! so funny teaching Eugenius, Justin and Joshua how to play. dam dam dam hilarious! and Daryl has so much patience laaa. me and lynn like gonna boom already. =x

yea then soon from two tables was down to one. and then went breakfast at macs. i ate a hash brown. tasted good but pain cos of my throat. ouch!

went home slept from 7+ til......4.30!! whoo. omg. so long.
then played maple. a while.
gonna go out soon.
watching a movie with vinson! HORRIBLE BOSSES!
heard its a dam good comedy. so i'm actually looking forward to it. lol.

okok shall stop here. ppl pray for me! to get well soon. im dyingggg. so pain!! :(

kk going off. God bless you, my readers.


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

5th July

it's so boring at work here at suntec(only for today) that I'm blogging thru the phone again. lol. let's see ive been working and working and working. lol.
sad thing gonna miss amp fri for THREE Fridays! :((

well anw Jerald has finally POP-ed. quite cool finally see him in his army uniform. and saw gab Siew too!! super skinny still!! oh and I cudnt find ky. lol. oh wells.
yea yea have been really busy lately. that's why taking the chance to blog now. cos gonna be MORE busy. erk.

anw just a short update on all that has been happening. I'm still single!! and have not really been going out alot. *hint hint* :)
just doing whatever I can and sometimes, whatever I want till I enlist in nov. a part of me still wants to like....enlist NOW. or like in the next two-three months. lol.
life's been peaceful and great. with loving caring frens, family and ppl. so yea very short update eh.
oh and thinking of changing the photo in this blogskin. soon. lol.

oh oh and I wanna go marina barrage again!! at night. :)
kk shall stop here and slack my time away till 9.30pm when work ends. lol.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

kk haven been blogging for a while now. heh. gonna just blog about everything that happened in order:

June 9-12!
AWAKEN RETREAT @ CSC was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! no actually the word awesome itself is an UNDERSTATEMENT! LOL!
yea yea it was a very very truly liberating retreat. the feeling that i had when i left that place, was truly indescribable. cant really go into details but know that it doesnt matter if u're a catholic/christian/non-christian/non-catholic, etc. this retreat just helps u to be free, free of all problems. lol. i really felt that i was free of all problems la. throughout the whole retreat i was at peace. lol. tired but still kept going and din regret doing so. i believe that ALL shud go for it.
ok i think i just spent a big paragraph saying the same thing over and over. ohwells. hahaha.
anw just to break it down. i learnt alot about sin and about my faith. about everything. it was truly a retreat that focuses on self. not on others.
and thru the sharings and all with my awesome grp, "kindness", i realised that i am very fortunate. to have nice and good frens, who will stick by me all the way. and a proper family that supports me no matter wat. its really stupid of me to keep complaining. i realised that now. =D
also the parts of healing for me during the retreat was very relieving. i cried a lot bahs. and felt very good after the healing. gained a new gift during the retreat. possibly gift(s). too. haha. felt like i had it but haven had a confirmation. oh wells.
the feeling of having received the gift of tongues. and being healed by the holy spirit. is very hard to describe.
met many new frens also. know of their lives. it was very inspiring and touching. oh oh on the last day i was hugging everyone! LOL! hugs are very powerful comforts you know! ><
haha ok la i shud stop here about the retreat. getting naggy and boring. just know that i din regret going and i've become more open about everything. kk. next.

started work immediately after i got back from the retreat. haha. like 13th June.
now working at Bottles & Bottles at Parkway. almost everyday. hopefully after my training they will post me to go Vivo. somewhat nearer to home. Sunday then go back help Joe & Dough. man im superman la. hahaha.
yea first day of work i was very early. cos i scared i get lost or cudnt find the place. directory wasnt much help. i had to walk ard to find it still. those days went by very fast. now fri le! LOL.
yea learnt alot about wine too. though alot to remember and process. hmmm that reminds me i have a book to collect from the photocopying shop. woops. 2 days late le. counting sat is 3 days. win liao. hahaha.
and yea probably gonna work there till nov? and helping J&D whenever i can i guess?
oh oh. i saw Christina Chan working at DBS at Parkway too! LOL i was going to change money then saw her serving a customer. hahaha. cool cool.
yea ok thats about it for work. ppl there are very nice and all. =D =D

yea anw today went swimming with Ben followed by dinner at Mos Burger!! oh man the rice burger was so nice! hahaha. yea yea. headed to church after that and since i was so early, decided to spend some time in the adoration room. haha holy me. >< ok la but i kinda owe it to God cos i was supposed to go during the retreat but i din! woops!
had a prayer session after that with Aunt Daphne, Marianne, Venassa and Kathlyn. Truly inspiring sharings too. =D
supper was accompanied by Sarah and David too. great time to hang out. haha. then after that went home and i realised that my ear got infection! -.-
maybe God telling me to remove my earring. ><

yea yea these days have past by swiftly and somehow i still jave the peace of mind that God gave me during the retreat. I kinda smile alot more now. (i realised myself) and also complain lesser. lol.
and last but not least i wanna say that im happy with my life now. hahaha. ok random~
signing off~

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Woots. watched Kungfu Panda with Jerald today. super funny show. hahaha. quite cool also the fighting. but u know, cartoons, cant be any more real than it is, even in 3D. LOL

yea yea dam funny. from iluma go junction then from junction go wisma. then somehow, walk to cine. hahaha. was gonna eat Jalan Kayu Prata. then ended up at Shokudo. then after that din dine there. went Nihon Mura instead. lol. the service was quite KNS.

Cant believe the service crew CAPTAIN said that it wasn't her fault when the food came late by 20-30mins i think. wts seriously. not her fault but at least give a jiao tai maa. u're the 'captain' lehh..then the manager have to come apologise. terrible. and to think that we pay service charge. erk..

anw after that celebrated Eunice's bdae! quite epic moments. cos it was quite obvious we're planning something with all the suspicious moments. but then, she just played along and pretended nth happened. pro. and she learnt something new today! how to ignite a lighter!! LOL
hahaha. yea then we took many photos just now. come to think of it, shud have taken one with
the poster or canvas effect. like a cool only~ =DD
anw here's one that i cropped and edited:

not much editing i guess. just the colour and temperatures, etc.

anw shall sleep soon. working tmr and have a long day in church. =D